thumbnail Open-source Python implementation of TAXII Services | EclecticIQ
thumbnail OpenHAB - Tasmota Documentation
thumbnail MobaXterm free Xserver and tabbed SSH client for Windows
thumbnail OpenToonz
thumbnail Suricata | Open Source IDS / IPS / NSM engine
thumbnail Sylius/Sylius: eCommerce PHP framework built on top of Symfony with component-based architecture and format-agnostic rendering. (HTML/JSON/XML)
thumbnail API Platform: Creating your First API with API Platform, in 5 Minutes
thumbnail GitHub - k4m4/movies-for-hackers: 🎬 A curated list of movies every hacker & cyberpunk must watch.
thumbnail GitHub - aainz/TinyNuke: zeus-style banking trojan
thumbnail GitHub - jentery/routledgeCompanionMSDH: Repository for the ROUTLEDGE COMPANION TO MEDIA STUDIES AND DIGITAL HUMANITIES
thumbnail GitHub - YOURLS/YOURLS: Your Own URL Shortener.
thumbnail GitHub - shish/shimmie2: Shish's official Shimmie code repository
thumbnail Framasphere*
thumbnail reGeorg
thumbnail Hands-on Computer Science - The Hello World Program
thumbnail MineTest