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July 9, 2020

Understanding Random Forest - Towards Data Science
A big part of machine learning is classification — we want to know what class (a.k.a. group) an observation belongs to. The ability to precisely classify observations is extremely valuable for various business applications like predicting whether a particular user will buy a product or forecasting whether a given loan will default or not.
The ULTIMATE Guide to Options Trade Adjustments - Options Adjustments - YouTube
Need help with options trade adjustments? This in-depth video guide will be your ultimate resource we the specific strategies and techniques we used adjust options trades that moved against us and turned losers into winners. Plus, we're giving you multiple real-life examples and case studies from our own account.
World of Wolfram | Folge 1: Drei Zimmer, Küche, Ork - YouTube
Wolfram hat zwei neue Mitbewohner: Ork Ogrosch und Elfe Reena. Eben noch online, jetzt in der WG.
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