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——————————— Thursday 10 January 2019 ———————————
ioc - online - security - tools -
URLVoid is a free service developed by NoVirusThanks on the late 2010 that allows users to scan a website with multiple website reputation engines and domain blacklisting services, to facilitate the detection of dangerous websites related to malware, phishing, scam and fraudulent activities. Please take in mind that even if a website is classified as safe by all the scanning engines, URLVoid can not guarantee the harmlessness of the website analyzed. You should re-scan a website if the report is too old, so that you have up-to-date results.
ioc - online - security - tools -
Scan an IP address through multiple DNS-based blacklists (DNSBL) and IP reputation services, to facilitate the detection of IP addresses involved in malware incidents and spamming activities. This service checks in real-time an IP address through more than 80 IP reputation and DNSBL services.