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——————————— Tuesday 26 February 2019 ———————————
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The main problem with an ESXi home lab running 7/7 is usually one factor – Power consumption as a primary ongoing cost. Especially when you run a lab with a several hosts. Additional factors like cooling or noise can be usually solved by moving the server(s) to the separate room with natural airflow, but the power consumption is something that you have to plan ahead and you’ll be dealing with during the lifetime of the lab. So in this post we’ll look at some possibilities to build an Energy Efficient ESXi Home Lab Host. The post is part of an article series starting here.
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Welcome to the new IntelTechniques Search Tool. Use the links to the left to access all of the custom search tools and resources. This repository contains hundreds of online search utilities. Click any category to expand the selection. The first option offers an automated search tool, while the remaining options offer additional resources if needed.