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August 12, 2019

Puppy Linux Discussion Forum :: View topic - Bionicpup64 8.0 CE
kernel 4.19.23

built with woofce using ubuntu 18.04 bionic beaver packages & various .pet packages.

All the usual packages (many updated)... palemoon, deadbeef, quickpet, pburn, jwm ,change_kernels, gnumeric, abiword, mpv, samba, jwmdesk, geany, simple screen recorder, mtpaint, dunst, transmission, pkg, uget, osmo etc.

Some new stuff ...
woodenshoe-wis rox filer. rox now has copy and paste!
compton compositor set up as default. adds subtle shadows to windows and menus.
matching JWM, GTK2 & GTK3 themes
claws-mail now has a tray icon.
steps findnrun now default in tray
rg66 & geoffreys tweaked retrovol
ffconvert swapped for qwinff
homebank is back.
sunfish chess
janky_BT bluetooth
gpick instead of gcolor
take a shot instead of screeny